A Few Words from Our Patrons

A Few Words from Our Patrons

Shri. Mihir R. Mehta

President, SASMIRA

Sasmira's Institute of Management Studies & Research is an initiative of SASMIRA to serve skill-based requirements of managers in the corporate world. With the complexity of global businesses, B-School recruits are required to be equipped with new skill sets, innovative ideas and a rigorous mental toughness to sail through the current corporate turbulence. We at SASMIRA realise this and are delivering simulation-based teaching, research-oriented learning to ensure that our students’ contribution in the corporate, exceeds their expectations. We ensure that the Management education helps students become more proactive, gearing up to meet the challenges of developing a competitive environment.

With the support of our competent and qualified faculty team with years of consulting/corporate/academic experience, coupled with modern infrastructure and diverse learning resources, SIMSR does not rest on past laurels and academic tradition but tries constantly to address a variety of challenges — the challenges of the ambitious individual, the developing nation and the ever-changing world.

Smt. Smita A. Yeole

Vice President, SASMIRA

Sasmira’s Institute of Management Studies & Research has been emerging as an exclusive icon of management education in the Western India for various programmes. The cohesive focus of faculty at SIMSR is to build the competence of students through a broad spectrum of teaching aids and professional approach to enhance their employability and the overwhelming patronage of the corporate recruiters. The student community has also shown their overwhelming faith in SIMSR with a flood of Students to the institute. In addition, the traning being provided to our students by premier institutes like Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), All India Management Association (AIMA), National Stock Exchange (NSE) and others have helped our students to take up any challenging corporate profiles and responsibilities.

The activity based teaching involving diverse pedagogical approaches like role plays, business case study analysis, simulation, experiential learning, live research projects, industry reviews, regular presentations and industry internships helps the students to develop pragmatic vision. Hence the undersigned feels confident that these budding managers passing out from SIMSR would successfully man key positions in the corporate sector. We are sure that every student of SIMSR will be an asset for the corporate world, both in India and abroad.

Dr. Ashok Tiwari

Senior Director, Sasmira

The true hallmark of education is the one by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, and the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one’s own feet. We at Sasmira, provide ample opportunities to our students to seek out that education, discover the truth and to remember to use it well. We believe in holistic development of students. To achieve this, the institution enables the students to hone their managerial skills and get them acquainted with the new developments taking place in the industry.
I wish you the very best, and I look forward to seeing you in our campus.

Dr. Prashant Gundawar

Director, SIMSR

Sasmira’s Institute of Management Studies and Research, Worli, Mumbai is on a fascinating path of growth and development. It has evolved a comprehensive student centric learning approach consisting of several stages, designed to add significant value to the learner's understanding in an integrated manner, covering relevant knowledge, practical skills and positive attitude.

With a highly experienced and proficient faculty team, optimally drawn from both industry and academia, the curricular and co-curricular interventions encourage experiential learning, focusing predominantly on developing the much needed conceptual, analytical, technical and decision making abilities in the students.

With a number of student driven activities catering to various interests including sports, performing arts, community services, entrepreneurship, events and fests ensures all inclusive development of the students to bring in transformation in their personalities.

Sasmira’s Institute of Management Studies and Research is committed to nurture leaders and entrepreneurs who will empower their organizations in the global economy. At the same time, the institute remains deeply rooted in the region and the nation. An underlying priority is to in still in our students a sense of commitment as managers and technocrats.

We have been recognized as a centre of excellence year after year serving in various sectors across diverse profiles. We have consciously created a culture that values collegiality and accessibility, with open doors at all levels. We welcome you to become a part of Sasmira’s Institute of Management Studies and Research and our unparalleled success.