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The Synthetic & Art Silk Mills’ Research Association (SASMIRA) is a pioneering institution established on 12th January 1950, the Sasmira’s Research Centre is the largest and oldest of its kind in India. It is duly recognized by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. Under the guidance of our parent body, Sasmira’s Institute of Management Studies and Research has established Management Research Centre and its contribution to the development of management research studies is widely recognized.

The Research Centre encourages students, faculty members and professionals to take up industry sponsored research programmes with an objective to facilitate original and high quality research and consultancy. Since its inception, the Research Centre has undertaken several research projects with generous grants from National and International agencies, with a broad-based research focus which has led to theoretical studies and action based research projects. It has also contributed to the development of management studies curriculum and training manuals for corporate.

The Centre has two annual publications namely Sasmira’s Business Review (SBR) and International Journal of Management Development and Training (IJMDT) which includes high quality original research papers, articles, case studies and book reviews. Further, it reaches out into the larger community through its regular seminar series and networking programmes. These National and International Seminars and Conferences provide a platform to the students, faculty members, professionals and academicians to share their research and knowledge across the globe.

The Research Center conceives its part as an impetus of social change. The various components of the programme, namely research, teaching and learning, social advancement, systems administration and dissemination are inter-connected and co-operate in accomplishing its objective of spreading the research initiatives across geographical boundaries. The target group of these multi-dimensional mediations is management students, faculty members, professionals, academicians, social activists, policy makers and others. These various contributors enhance the whole program and start a procedure of change.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Management

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Programme in Management

The Research Centre affiliated to the University of Mumbai offers Doctoral Programme (Ph.D.) in the field of Management. The admission, registration and course work procedure at our Research Centre is strictly in accordance with the rules, regulations and procedures of the University of Mumbai vide Notification VCD/2414 of the 2010. The Centre has distinguished researchers and professionals as approved Research Guides. Our research programme is significantly beneficial for the knowledge development of students, faculty members, professionals, corporate executives and academicians.

Contact Details

Contact Details

Professionals interested in pursuing Ph.D. in Management Studies and who are qualifying the criteria for admissions as per the University of Mumbai can approach:

Dr. Rupali More

Tel.: +91-9987396999 
Email ID:

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Important Links

Rules for Admission, Registration and for Ph.D. Programme

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